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This test could help you select quality candidates, analyze the position that suits your employee based on their aptitude, no language barrier and a group of people can take an exam at the same time.

Uchida-Kraepelin (U-K) test is a questionnaire that measures the ability of takers on task performance speed and accuracy. The results of the U-K test provide an estimate of the individual's character. As you may know, Japan is a word leader of highquality human capital. This aptitude test that has been working behind

Made in Japan

What good does UK test do?




While many railways are facing shortage of human resources, the test helps you pick up quality human assets

The test provides some helpful information on what position each of your existing employees should serve. This way, it helps you improve productivity.

All that an examinee does is to make many additions of single-digit integers. So, no linguistic element affects the test results. (There are English and Chinese editions also available.) Also, the test takes only 50 minutes or so to complete. A large number of examinees can take the test at the same time. “Outstanding safety of Japan’s railways”

What are the advantages of the UK test?

In most other aptitude tests, it takes multiple sub-tests to measure an examinee’s “intelligence,” “personality,” and so on. The UK test, however, measures two characteristics simultaneously – an examinee’s “capabilities in work (activity)” and “characteristics of using such capabilities.”

Furthermore, the test is not of a format of the examinee answering questions. Thus, an examinee is unable to deliberately manipulate his/her test results, which is a favorable characteristic.