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Outplacement is a process and procedure provided by a third party to support the employees who got an impact from business activities. This service helps the impacted employees gaining back their confidence and reestablishing a new career path. Nowadays, lots of company would like to save costs and expenses by scaling operation down. Alternatively, some companies might rely on the outsourcing or shared services.

Business activities that potentially cause an impact on employees

1. Merger and Acquisition

To merge with or acquire another company, restructuring is needed in order to run the business at its full potential. Often, when combining two or more companies together, it creates positions redundancy. This means that those redundant positions are going to be eliminated, which definitely affect the employees’ employment status.

2. Outsourcing and Shared Services

Today, several companies are considering to rely on outsourcing service for some positions such as administrator, IT, accountant and so on in order to save costs. For global or international companies, they, as well, rely on shared service forcosts saving. Unfortunately, by relying on either one of these activities, some employees are affected and need to start looking for job inevitably.

3. Scaling Operation Down

Scaling operation down is, of clause, not the first choice that any companies want to go for. However, in order to remain profitable, competitive or even survive in such an event like economic downturn, they might have to consider this option. Again, by executing this option, a number of people surely have to leave the company and search for a new job.

The economic crisis may trigger the company to take some actions that more or less affect both employees and company itself. Impacted employees may feel loss, anger, fear or insecure due to the job loss. The company’s reputation is harmed. There are many factors that the company needs to concern such as labor law, the process, and procedure of layoff, support the laid off employee to get a new job and maintain the trust of the remaining employees. Outplacement service is one of the tools to help the career transition process run smoothly and create a good company reputation. This service could reduce the compensation prosecution and it maintains employee relationships with the company. Moreover, the company can gain trust from the public using the outplacement service.

Pasona provides an outplacement service since 1984. We are a profession in career transition for over 160,000 employees with over 30 years of experience.

Pasona outplacement service benefits the organization in many ways.

•  To create a company reputation to be an ethical company by supporting their employee in every aspect. Outplacement service could raise employee awareness and create employee loyalty.

•  To maintain a layoff and resign employee relationship

•  To reduce the risk of compensation prosecution and unnecessary expense

•  To minimize the conflict among employee by helping them find a new job

•  To creating company branding and social responsibility

•  To support the voluntary resignation employee to achieve their own goal by helping them with planning

Benefits for employee

•  To increase employee self-esteem and build confidence in finding a new job

•  To create a positive attitude and be enthusiastic among employee including open a learning opportunity and make a new connection with others

•  To increase the possibility of getting a new job with Pasona Profession

•  Able to set a goal

Pasona is ready to support your organization in every aspect including labor law. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide full HR support with our professional consultant team. Contact us for more detail at