Sales Manager [ Japanese Nationality ]


[Job ID: 6060] Sales Manager [ Japanese Nationality ] 100,000 - 300,000 (THB)
職業 Sales Manager [ Japanese Nationality ]
業界 Manufacturing(Automobile)
仕事内容 Couselling and considering on data to make a decision for machine selecting, planning on engineering and quality production. Mutually responsible for sale volume to achieve as plan and manage on sale team of own responsibility to achieve as planned and to be conform to sale policy.
• Participate in planning and prioritize sale activity of each person in sale team as well as contacting with customer for business strategy achievement.
• Participate in planning and support marketing strategy to conform to overview target and purpose of all Company business.
• Management on customer satisfaction build up and respond customer need and participate in important activity of customer.
• Be a person who pass on knowledge from foreign TA to provide Technical Know-How for Thai executives.
• Provide, summarize, analysis sale activity also movement of competitiors to Supervisor
• Advise and coach sale team and provide the guideline of problem resolving of own responsibility properly and timely.
• Participate in summarize the engineering data and quality of each manufacturer to consider on technology and machine manufacturer.
• Counselling to team on projects management.
• Resolve the potential problem of project.
給料 100,000 - 300,000 (THB)
勤務地 Samut Prakan  

必要業務経験 • Male , Age around 35 - 45 year.
• Japanese Nationality only
• Bachelor''s or Master’s Degree in Business administration or Engineering.
• Experienced as Sale in automotive part industry or OEM sale more than 10y.
• Knowledge and skill on business negotiation.
• Knowledge and skill on Marketing and Sale management (4P)
• Knowledge and skill on Marketing and Sale data and SWOT analysis.
• Knowledge of production management.
• Knowledge and skill on production and prodcut cost management for pricing.
• Knowledge and skill on CRM  




Training / Seminar Course Sales
給料 50,000 – 70,000 + Commission (THB)
場所 バンコク
Section Manager/Assistant Section Manager of Customer Operation
給料 70,000 - 120,000 (THB)
場所 バンコク
給料 50,000~ (THB)
給料 60,000 - 100,000 (THB)
場所 バンコク
給料 60,000 - 100,000 (THB)
場所 バンコク