Senior General Manager [ Casting ]


[Job ID: 5640] Senior General Manager [ Casting ] 100,000 - 300,000 (THB)
職業 Senior General Manager [ Casting ]
業界 Manufacturing(Automobile)
仕事内容 • Management of Business strategy : Analyzing and determining direction, policy and plan in the management of engineering and quality assurance of business in order to lead productive practice and comply with policy and strategy directi, as well as controlling and tracking to reach expected work-performance result.
• Management of Engineering : Plan for development and management in order to practice, follow up and control work-performance result in the procedure of Engineering management to support the development of engineering in the organization as well as standardize of engineering practice according to sustainable development and growth of business.
• Management of quality assurance : plan, manage, control to practice, follow up, and control working in accordance with related quality policies, as well as encourage the work of quality assurance management following policies specified in authority table, internal control system, work standard system of the organization to achieve objectives and targets of the organization.
• Report work-performance result, problem, difficulty relating to management as well as present resolution and suggestion to protection and improvement to supervisor.
• Control, allocate, and manage human resources in the department in terms of quantity and quality appropriately and effectively. Develop the capability of human resources to update engineering change and strategic plan according to business plan.
• Follow up customer satisfaction and response to customer requirement and participate in important customer activities.
• Control to practice according to standards, manuals and regulations for work, for example, ISO/TS 16949 , ISO14001.
• Other assigned jobs or special projects (Cross Functional Team).
給料 100,000 - 300,000 (THB)
勤務地 Rayong  

必要業務経験 • Age above 45 year.
• Japanese Nationality only
• Bachelor''s or Master’s Degree in Engineering.
• Experienced in Factory management over 15 years. Such as planning strategies, Budgeting, profit/loss (P/L), production costs, production techniques. in Auto parts industry. (Forging , Machining) , or Heavy Industry Manufacturing. and experienced in Operation work such as QA, Engineering , Production in Medium – Large Business or an affiliated company / group / subsidiaries of large companies.
• Able to work at Rayong Plant (Estate and Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate)
• Knowledge in ISO/TS 16949, TPS System and Lean Management, Productivity Improvement Management  




給料 50,000‐100,000 (THB)
場所 バンコク
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給料 50,000 – 70,000 + Commission (THB)
場所 バンコク
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