Marketing Manager


[Job ID: 4063] Marketing Manager 90,000 (THB)
職業 Marketing Manager
業界 Transportation,Logistics & Warehouse
仕事内容 1) Coordinate international transportation with overseas for customers : Coordinate international transportation to solve the order from customer with communicating between sea and air operationsection and also overseas agent.2)Maintain the agent overseas : Update agent lists with Meiko Japan to supply the best service which is suitable for customers. Find new agent and collect information about new agent in the country where we never have experience to import or export.3) Take care customer and help them to solve the problem occurred. : When we got the contact from customer or our operation staff about the problem of shipment, we will help to find the solution way and talk to customer.
給料 90,000 (THB)
勤務地 Bangkok  

必要業務経験 - Bachelors Degree for Business Administrative in Major of Marketing or related field.- The knowledge of international trade is required.- Good command in English (written,reading,speaking).- Knowledge of International Transportation and Freight Forwarder  




給料 50,000‐100,000 (THB)
場所 バンコク
Training / Seminar Course Sales
給料 50,000 – 70,000 + Commission (THB)
場所 バンコク
Section Manager/Assistant Section Manager of Customer Operation
給料 70,000 - 120,000 (THB)
場所 バンコク
給料 50,000~ (THB)
給料 60,000 - 100,000 (THB)
場所 バンコク