5 Tips to Recruit the Right Candidate


Employees are the most important asset in any business. As such, hiring is a significant process–if you hire the wrong person, you would have to go through the hiring process again, and these in itself are opportunity costs in terms of money and time. 

How can employers ensure that they have recruited the right candidate for the role? Here are some approaches you can consider to help you make the right hire. 

1.  Define Job Role 

A properly defined job role sets expectations and ensures prospective candidates understand their roles and responsibilities, if hired. Clear communication on what the role entails mitigates unnecessary chaos, confusion and ambiguity on both sides. 

When candidates understand their role, they can plan their own career progression pathway and work towards that. With clarity on what they need to do, they know how they can be high performers and position themselves for recognition and awards, and in turn, contribute to the company’s growth. 

2.  Look for Someone with Commitment 

The hiring process is a deliberate one. 

Companies should always try to find candidates who are dedicated to the long-term success of the business, and have the ambition and drive to punch above their weight. With the right attitude and perseverance, a committed candidate can be counted on to support you as you drive your business forward. 

3. Check Compatibility with Company Culture 

Organisational culture fit is important for the wellbeing of both the company and employees. And hence, besides evaluating for technical skills, it is also important for employers to screen the prospective candidate’s compatibility with the company’s culture. 

When a candidate’s values are aligned to the company, they can bring new energy, inspiration and camaraderie to the existing team. Conversely, a candidate who is not aligned with the company culture can hurt the morale of the team by creating unnecessary friction and upsetting established ways of working. 

4. A Less Formal Job Interview 

Candidates can prepare and rehearse for their job interviews. With preparation, one can turn any negatives or red flags into positives. As someone who may be working with the prospective candidate for the long term, you would want to find out who the candidate really is at the hiring stage. 

Be creative–the interview can take place in a less formal setting or over a cup of coffee. Being out of the office setting can reveal clues about the individual you are talking to, and their personality. For example, you can observe if the candidate is considerate of others, a key quality of effective team players. 

5. Use A Personality Test (Uchida-Kraepelin) 

Even with detailed resumes and interviews, it can be hard to know if the candidate is the right one, because you can never really get a complete sense of their personality and how well they can flourish in a new workplace. 

One way we can take this further is to consider implementing the Uchida-Kraepelin personality test which analyses both the candidate’s ability to work as well as behavioural features.

Besides testing for the candidate’s time management skills and work efficiency, it can at the same time, study the behavioural habits of the potential hire. This information will be helpful in providing you with a well-rounded perspective on whether the candidate makes for a good hire within your organisation and the type of positions they are suited for. 

In conclusion, it is an extremely important task to take your time in hiring the right candidate. It can be a challenging and time-consuming task but can also be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your business. 

No one has a perfect track record in making the right hire. However, taking cues from some of the tips above could help improve your chances. 

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