5 Must-Have Skills To Thrive In Today’s Business Environment


Learning is essential to our existence; just as food nourishes our bodies, knowledge nourishes our minds. Both companies and employees need to learn continuously so as to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing business environment. 

Through training and expansion of our existing skillset, we can stay relevant and with these new capabilities, it will help support our growth trajectory, both as individuals and within the companies, and allow us to be ready to take on new challenges and explore new opportunities. 

1.  Leadership and Management Skill 

Cultivating leadership and management skills develops effective and empowered leaders. 

Leaders inspire their team to believe in a vision bigger than themselves and this has an impact both internally and externally. Company culture develops when there is strong alignment at the top and in turn, employees are more engaged and customers are more connected with the business’ mission, vision and values. This drives loyalty, and only leadership has the ability to inspire this level of loyalty and dedication. 

It is an important set of skills that have the potential to improve the way you work and how you connect with others. 

2. Emotional Intelligence

With globalisation, emotional intelligence is ever more important as we work in cross-cultural teams–which increases the complexity of interactions, emotions and how they are expressed. 

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to comprehend and manage your own emotions, as well as the emotions of those around you. With greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence equips you with the ability to handle tough conversations, and will be a valuable skill that will help you improve your communications and relationships at the workplace, paving the way for better teamwork and business outcomes. 

3. Resilience 

Resilience is the key to transforming challenges into successes. 

This skill will carry us through tough times and is ever more relevant during this pandemic. There will be moments where we encounter a lot of challenges which are not easy to solve. And we may meet with failures. However, we need to understand that failures and setbacks are part of life. While we may not be able to control all outcomes, we can control how we choose to face it. 

At the heart of resilience lies a simple truth–that change is inevitable. By tapping on resilience, we can work through challenges by harnessing on the power of positive emotions, and by reframing challenges and in seeing the silver lining in it, it will allow us to bounce back from these setbacks quicker. 

4. Problem Solving 

Solving problems is part of everyday life. 

The roles and responsibilities of a leader is not limited to delegating and management. Instead, problem solving is not only an important, but a critical skill that effective leaders must take on. 

That is why problem solving skills are widely sought after, because they can help make the difference during tough times. 

5. Creativity 

Creativity is the ability to think outside the box when solving problems. It involves asking questions and digging deep into the issue, going beyond the surface, and using your critical thinking and problem solving skills to come up with well thought through conclusions that lead to effective and innovative solutions. 

And with creativity, your solutions will not be run-of-the-mill ideas. 

Next Steps 

One thing is certain, every employee and organisation needs to step up their game to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

Continue to be open to learning new skills. Take your time, implement them wisely, and these decisions you have made will help boost your career and propel your company to new heights. 

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