Three dilemmas that only HR can help solve post-pandemic


The rising prominence of human resources is undeniable. With the pandemic easing up, employee management is one of any organisation’s top concerns. HR has been important for a long time yet only recently recognised. The term itself was coined in the 1960s when the value of labour relations became apparent and organisational behaviour and selection assessment became a notion for employment. It may seem not too long ago but developments in HR have been crucial to the prosperity of many big (and small) companies.


Their management involves designing and implementing programs that may increase the effectiveness of a business. The whole spectrum includes construction, management, and the cultivation of the employer-employee relationship.


Especially after the pandemic, the role of HR has become more important than ever. It cannot be denied that HR is usually the most overworked department in any organisation. Other than themselves, the responsibility and wellbeing of the rest of the workforce fall on them. As CPOs (Chief People Officers), another title for the head of HR, responsibilities never end even through dire times such as the pandemic. They must maintain morale, keep the employees in proper health, oversee remote working aka work-from-home measures while considering the company restructuring in some cases.


There are problems in a firm that only HR can help solve. Here are three of those dilemmas:


Organisational purpose

Employees should help maintain the firm’s purpose and efficiency. Especially when the pandemic has direct influence on employees’ priorities, HR should be the one to drive the staff back on track and guide them to refocus on strategies to align with the organisation’s objectives.


Recruiting the best talent

The pandemic has given rise to the need for “fluidity” in talent. HR is capable of seeing potential in employees and recognising their strengths and weaknesses to fit the right job. In order to bring out the best in the existing staff, they provide training and learning opportunities, not only to get the most efficient workforce but to enhance the skills of individual employees personally.


Conflict management

A workplace is a very diverse environment. Conflicts are bound to arise between departments, individuals, or teams. With HR, internal conflicts can be managed. In certain difficult situations, like being passed on for promotions or company restructures, HR holds the role of the advisor and helps plan solutions for different scenarios to assure a smooth transition throughout the process. HR deals with employee relations in order to maintain good rapport and minimise the risk of conflict between the company and impacted employees.


Human resources are increasingly being recognised as a key factor for successful businesses. In the words of Mr. Douglas Conant, former president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company, “to win in the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.”

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