Four questions every business should be prepared to answer post-lockdown


This pandemic has changed the way we perceive disruption. It was all about advanced communication modes, high-speed transactions, and new technology. However, with an epidemic this vast, our world came to a standstill—including businesses.

Millions lost their businesses and jobs while waiting for the world to resume. This situation led to bankruptcies, major losses, and permanent shutdowns. Now, the disruption is about who survived. It has made companies ask tough questions about their businesses, especially B2B, regarding the availability and resources of services and especially on efficient communication and coordination between businesses and clients. For those who survived, there is still a lot to consider.

The customers’ expectations have evolved and so have their demands. As business leaders, here are four questions you should be prepared to answer to assure your customers in the post-pandemic economy:

1. What is your (new) business identity?

Businesses work based on efficiency and relationships built with customers. Reliance and trust are expected in any business contract and service. Assure them of your position in the market and with them. Tell them where you stand. No one expects the business to be the same – changes have been made everywhere. Explain what has evolved in your company.

2. What do your current workflow and communication look like?

Social distancing played a key role in easing the pandemic. There was hardly any to zero human contact in any kind of business deal. However, things are returning to their “new normal”. Your customers will be curious about how to communicate and deal with you. Is it still online or are office meetings now an option? Are there any new ways to collaborate with you? This also includes your costs. Most expected queries will be regarding the cost of your service.

3. Is your business still concerned about sanitation post-crisis?

This pandemic has raised awareness and concerns about sanitation in every business sector. Before working with you, they will ask about your control and sanitation processes. Be it your office space, production process, or supply chain, be prepared to walk them through your prevention plans and be transparent with them.

4. What is your risk management plan?

Before (re)starting any business, it is vital to prepare a risk management plan. With the Covid-19 pandemic entering a new phase, there is always time to analyse the effectiveness of your existing plan. These past months should have helped you review and fix weaknesses in terms of management. Efficient business leading starts by outlying each factor of their departments and checking their redundancy and value. Think about every step of the process and see which were impacted the most and how they could have been avoided. Your clients would like to know about this as it may affect or assure them, too.

These are only prospective questions that you should be prepared to answer. Doing business in the post-pandemic era is not going to be a piece of cake. It is important to be clear and transparent with your client now more than ever. You need to act today if you want to reassure your future. Pasona Thailand is here to guide you through these harsh times.

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