How to maintain your employees’ health during this time?


To reduce the spread of coronavirus, extreme measures have been put in place. People from all over the world struggle to cope with social distancing and quarantine lockdowns. Businesses have not been spared, and the impact of the virus has transformed the workplace like never before. With institutions shutting down and operations to a halt, the labour force has been forced to work from home. 

Unfortunately, the blurred How a crisis can be a chance to reorganize your company lines between workplace and home has a potential to affect the mental and physical being of most workers. While the human body is capable of grappling with challenges, the effects of the pandemic has effected like never before. 

As an employer, it’s important to not overlook the mental and physical needs of your people, which is why drastic measures must be taken place to help them cope. 

1 - Bring back a sense of control

The nature of the disease is uncontrollable and unprecedented, and the government is forced to provide strict rules over what people are allowed to do through curfews, physical distancing, and lockdowns. These circumstances can make it hard to see that people still have control over their lives.

Your employees will appreciate it if you give them some autonomy and avoid micromanagement. You may opt to let them have more control over their time by making their hours flexible or let them organize their workflow and daily schedules. Allowing them to structure their daily schedules will give them a sense of control and will help them stay motivated to do their jobs effectively.

Providing them autonomy over their daily duties will also help your employees work on other productive things, such as taking online courses, building new skills, or organizing things.

2 - Continue establishing connections

As human beings with different personalities, reactions to the challenges of self-isolation and social distancing will vary. People who are introverts may find comfort in being in their safe zones, and working from home may help open up healthier lifestyles for them. Extroverts, on the other hand, may struggle more. They usually find inspiration from socializing, so they should be encouraged to stay connected with colleagues, perhaps through virtual coffee sessions. 

The use of digital tools can also help your employees focus on their social needs, all the while attaining other health goals. You can allow them to have time off every day, for instance, encouraging them to take a walk or partake in special in-house training on mindfulness or other forms of exercise. As a leader, create a safe community by checking in with your colleagues. If possible, offer to create mental health counseling to support those dealing with problems like anxiety, loneliness, and depression. There’s so much you can do to support your employees, and all it takes is a quick little “hello!”. 

3 - Provide meaning in the circumstances

One of the most potent ways to ensure health is to shift employees’ mindset. Help them see the pandemic as something they have control over, instead of allowing them to succumb into a defeatist state. As human beings, we have the fundamental desire to stay connected to things that are bigger than ourselves. This is why government puts out messages that encourages people to protect others—in times of crisis, our desire to help outshines the rest. 

As an employer, see if you can connect your people into a sense of collective purpose. Invite them to rise challenges by motivating them throughout the day. Taking a step forward will also help them achieve a sense of direction, this in turn helps them to cope better.

Going through a pandemic is something unprecedented, and the impacts are staggering that the entire world still has no idea how to bounce back. The global economy is suffering, and it seems likely that working from home arrangements will need to continue for a while. While the times are daunting, protecting your employees from the detrimental mental and physical health of the pandemic is crucial. Keep the tips discussed above as you craft your employees’ wellness plan.

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